Feb 19th, 1944

Dearest Rose & F.J.

As it is rather of a pacular day raining one Minute sun shinning the next - To-morrow is my pa's birthday also my dolly wedding anniversery I went to the grave yesterday, took beautiful Roses and Calla Lily's I had ordered I cups on the grave - I put Roses in one & Calla Lillies in the other she used to have so Many Lillies and she liked them. her Marker is Dolly. Then Hazel Roehl Gorden - her no. is 2472 Inglewood Park Cemetery We took Avis a rose from Dolly grave. Bonnie did.

Bonnie Jean is Avis's little girl No. 2 she will have no 3 in June I think she is very quiet and calm. But Bonnie Jean is a corker. I told her I never got her anything so I would buy her a nice little dress if she did not care and she could pick it out No, she said you can get me two of them she calls Johnnie "Pa Pa" and "Neal" her dad - Hold your breath for the latest news . Mary is Married again a little man The Name of Mr. Willid? - Vine did not last long and here guess she did not like it very well Mame is fine only working to hard for her age - guess it dont hurt any one as I've worked all My life - When you see Dora you will get Dolly's little Diamond for a keep sake - Budd is very gad in the legs. Again Dorthy & Johnnie are better and both atking shots all the time Johnnie is determined He will go to Arkansas so I guess he will go - by the way of Madison. By plane $110 to Chi - & he will only be travel of ? an army officer get's aboard - I am scratching this with a pencil - Dark and everything I have written all the news - Johnnie is going to fly and Mary is Married - Tell F.J. to write a bit

Love & Kisses

Mother & grandma

The Bethel Family History was started by Mary and Alice Baily of Des Moines, Iowa. In 1970, Mary and Alice started their search for their family roots. They traveled to Pennsylvania and other states looking up birth, marriage and death records and writing down their results. When my wife's mother, Mary (Stevenson) Bethel passed away, we found copy of the Baily's work. This started me on another branch of my extended family.