Henry Decker Estate Documents from 1913

The bill from C. C. Hoehne Hardware Co. was filed as part of Henry Decker's Estate in 1913.  C. C. Hoehne's was located on the north end of Main Street in Greenwood, Wisconsin.  Even in the 1960's, if you needed something special, Hoehne's probably had it somewhere in their store. 

The other documents are the real estate appraisal for Henry Deckers farm in the Town of Warner, Clark County, Wisconsin, and his last will and testament that was written out be Fred Buker a couple of months before Henry died.  After Fred wrote out the will and had it witnessed by George Buker and Gustave (Gus) Horn, they took it to Greenwood to have an attorney look it over and approve it.  Fred Buker's testimoney is here.

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C.C. Hoenhe Bill Henry Decker Real Estate Appraisal

Henry Deckers Will