Edwin Decker Burial and Medical Expenses

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Documents from Henry Decker Estate - Final Disbursements

upon Edwin Deckers Death

Henry Deckers last will and testiment stated that $300 was to be put aside for the care and burial of Edwin Decker, his son.  Edwin had been working in Montana and was a partner on a cattle ranch with Mr. Bliven in Powder River, Montana in 1920.  He became ill (Fred Buker testified that Edwin had a problem with drinking) and returned to Wisconsin sometime before 1930. He worked on various farms until his death in 1932.  At the time of his death he was living with his sister Augusta (Decker) Franz and her husband Henry Franz in the Town of Warner, Clark County, Wisconsin.

These are some of the bills that were filed with the Circuit Court of Clark County after his death.

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Dr. Gaillardt's Bill George Bishops Bill

George Bishops Bill George Bishops Bill

Dr. Austins Bill