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The Franz Family originally came from Germany, originating with Adam Frantz from Neundorf, Germany. Adam was married in 1611 so we can assume his Date of Birth was in the late 1500's. He married Elisabeth Sachse

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Family of Johann Simon Frantz and Justina Friedericke Danz

  • Frederika Dorathea Franz, 10 Feb 1809
  • Georg Christoph Franz, 20 Jul 1813
  • Simon Benjamin Franz, 20 Sep 1815 to 27 Jun 1889
  • Friedrich Ferdinand Franz, 14 Jan 1818
  • Johann Michael Franz, 8 Apr 1820 to 8 May 1824
  • Carl August Franz, 25 Jun 1822 to 8 May 1896
  • Carl (Charles) Franz, 16 Mar 1825 to 9 May 1903
  • Gotthardt Ferdinand Franz, 5 May 1827 to 17 May 1827
  • Heinrich Gottlieb Franz, 10 Apr 1829 to 18 Dec 1913

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Four sons of Johann Simon Frantz (decendant of Adam Franz) are known to have immigrated to America in the late 1800's. They came to Sheboygan Wisconsin and became farmers. Eventually descendents of Simon Benjamin moved on to Delevan, WI and then settled in North Dakota under the name of Schneider (the married name of one of the daughters). Carl August moved to Clark County, Wisconsin and settled in the Greenwood, Wisconsin area. The families of Carl (Charles) and Heinrich (Henry) Gottlieb stayed in the Sheboygan area.

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1928 Confirmation Picture

1928 Confirmation Picture, Immanual Reformed Church, Greenwood, WI
Back Row (L to R): Erwin Toburen, Ella Miller, Elmer Brick, Elmer Kuester, Clarence Leibzeit, Arvilla Franz, Arthur Decker
Front Row (L to R): August Franz, Alma Mier, Rev Vriesen, Dorothy Kuester, Gottleib Dill.

Franz German History supplied by: Carl-Heinz Schlegel, Full Member Number 008, "Genealogie Thurengen" e.v., Weimar, Geschaftsstelle ERFURT, Germany

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Germans Began Settlement of Town of Herman  Sheboygan Press Article from April 1927. Family Names included: Beckfield, Prigge, Meyer, Nordholz, Oetling, Howard, Mueller, Arpke, Humke, Buecker, Domeier, Luhmann, Marten, Reineking, Seibold, plus many more.

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