Benjamin Bethel - England

Married Dec 1740

Married Sarah Kirby

Child - Benjamin Bethel

Born - 30 Mar 1760

Married 29 Apr 1782 in Lydney, Gloucester, England

to Mary Elway.

Children of Benjamin and Mary Bethel

John Bethel

Benjamin Bethel

Thomas Bethel - My wife's family roots

Mary Bethel

William Bethel

These are my wife's family roots on her fathers side.  Her mothers family are the Stevenson's and Fitzpatricks and they come from Ireland.

Bethel Family Web Pages

Benjamin Bethel was born in England some time before 1740. My wifes Iowa relatives worked on the family history in 1970's and traced the family back through Pennsylvania to England in the 1740's. I started working on this when we found the 1970's work sheets in my wife's mothers papers. This is still a work in progress.

Thanks to Mary Baily of Iowa who started this project, and to Judy Dombrowski, David Bethel, my wife Ellen , her sister, Rosemary.

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The Bethel Family History was started by Mary and Alice Baily of Des Moines, Iowa. In 1970, Mary and Alice started their search for their family roots. They traveled to Pennsylvania and other states looking up birth, marriage and death records and writing down their results. When my wife's mother, Mary (Stevenson) Bethel passed away, we found copy of the Baily's work. This started me on another branch of my extended family.